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Technological Advantage


According to the characteristics of cancer, such as invasive and rapid growth, easy metastasis and recurrence, it is difficult to treat the cancer as well as to protect the patient’s quality of life, just with one single treatment. Therefore, with the purpose of maximizing the survival rate and quality of life of patients at lower cost, an ideal mode of treatment has been employed for many years. Non-toxic integrative cancer treatments have unique advantages with a strengthening therapeutic effect, reducing side effects, prolonging survival time, improving quality of life, and reducing the cost of treatment.

The non-toxic integrative cancer treatment has the following advantages:

1.Reduction of Collateral Damage and Toxicity
This is the biggest advantage of non-toxic integrative cancer treatments. Hyperthermia, chelation and detoxification therapy, medical ozone therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), nutritional therapy, medical Qigong, psychology, acupuncture and moxibustion, all focus on improving the immune function of human body, minimizing the damage to the human body and the accumulation of toxins. When intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemo-infusion is adopted for abdominal cancer, the toxicity is much smaller than intravenous chemotherapy, and the wound and pain caused by laparotomy are also avoided. High dose of sodium ascorbate is proved to have cytotoxic effect on cancer cells, but without toxic reactions like those caused by chemotherapy.

2.Specific Targeting of Cancer and Repeated Administration
In the non-toxic integrative cancer treatments, hyperthermia and medical ozone target cancer tissues and attack them without any damage to the surrounding normal tissues. This targeted killing strategy is better than other conventional treatments. Compared with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, since there is no drug resistance and toxicity accumulation in non-toxic integrative cancer treatments, the therapeutic regimens can be applied repeatedly. 

3.Wide Anticancer Spectrum and Mutual Complementarity
Because of the sensitivity of different cancer types, the application of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are limited. Non-toxic integrative cancer treatments are not only effective to different types of cancer, but also to different stages of cancer. Therefore, non-toxic integrative cancer treatments can be applied to most types of cancers. 

4.An Effective Method for Palliative Therapy
For patients with advanced cancer, advanced age, dysfunction of organs, or disturbances of blood coagulation, which are not suitable for surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy, non-toxic integrative cancer treatments provide new methods for palliative therapy. They can not only relieve the patients’ sufferings, but also improve the quality of life and prolong the survival time.

5.Sensitization and Detoxification
For some kinds of cancers, surgery is the first choice, followed by non-toxic integrative cancer treatments, so that the residual cancer cells can be eliminated to reduce the chance of recurrence. For other kinds of cancers, non-toxic integrative cancer treatments are the first choice to reduce the size of tumor, and increase the success ratio of surgery, and prolong the survival time. For patients who are candidates for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, such as nasopharyngeal carcinoma, small cell lung cancer, chorioepithelioma, and malignant lymphoma, the combination of non-toxic integrative cancer treatments can achieve sensitization and detoxification.

6.Elimination of Occult Cancer
Some cancers such as breast cancer and bladder cancer, are clinically accompanied with many micro lesions which cannot be observed by the naked eye. Conventional treatments can only eliminate main lesions. But for the invisible lesions or cancer cells, conventional treatments are helpless. With non-toxic integrative cancer treatments, the applications of whole body hyperthermia, EBOO, high dose sodium ascorbate, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can eliminate small lesions and cancer cells.

7.Lower Cost of Cancer Treatment
Treating cancer is a long-term process, and high cost is required. With continuous generalization of new chemo-drugs, some of the treatments may cost vast amounts of money for one course of treatment, let alone treating side effects like bone marrow depression and damages to the organs. Sometimes the medical cost is far beyond the patient’s ability to pay, which is one of the reasons that some patients give up treatment regimes. Because of the micro-invasion, minimum side effects, and good repeatability without drug resistance, non-toxic integrative cancer treatments are with lower cost, and thus can be more easily accepted by patients.

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