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Spanning Traditional Diagnosis and Treatment! The World Top Intel A Lung Cancer Study from Clifford Hospital has Won Recognition of The Election of the 2nd Council and the 4th Annual Conference of Professor Clifford L. K. Pang was Invited to the 33rd Annual Conf A Provincial Academic Conference on Nutritional Metabolism and He Clifford Hospital Successfully Held a National Academic Seminar o Wu Guoqiang Zhao Zhongsu Zhang Zili Lu Yimin Research Capabilities Clifford Hospital Oncology Center is the only cancer center in Ch Research Progress of Nutrition on Colon Cancer Prevention Nutritional Support to One Case Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Observations of the Biological Electromagnetic Pulse The The Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion on the Activity of Peri Effect of Modified Taohong Siwu Decoction on Patients with Chemot A Randomized Parallel Control Study on the Effect of Shugan Jianp The Application Value of CT & MRI on Advanced Cervix Cancer P Discussion of the Effect of Sirikaya Lactone Bullatacin on the Ap Study of the Anticancer Effect of Sirikaya Lactone Interpretation of the "Toxin Evil" of Etiology Research Progress of Mega Dose Vitamin C on Cancer The Clinical Application of Acupuncture in the Integrative Treatm Hyperthermic Chemo-Perfusion in Advanced Gastrointestinal Tumor T Local Hyperthermia Effects on Quality of Life after Radiotherapy Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments–a New Approach for Canc JCI Hospital Standards Practical Guidelines A Study of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments Hyperthermia in Oncology Patient Safety Management Seminar Was Held at Clifford Hospital Clifford Hospital Successfully Held a Workshop on the Clinical Ap Conference on Clinical Application of Hyperthermia in Oncology Wa International Experts Meet at Clifford Hospital for the 32nd Annu The 2nd Academic Meeting of World Federation of Chinese Medicine The Inaugural Meeting of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Soc Nong Haining Wang Xiaopu Chen Pengfei Zhang Hongyu Ou Junwen Shi Jian Dong Daoxian He Jingsheng Wang Zhen Wang Wei Weng Chaodi Gao Guangwen Ma Junli Jiang Chunlin Zhao Changlin Wang Mei Gong Caixia Jin Minghua Luo Zhengyi Zhang Yalin Zhou Jianzhong Li Hengmou Clifford L. K. Pang Clifford Hospital and the Medical College of Jinan University Sig Clifford Hospital and McGill University Are Strategic Cooperative

Clifford Hospital is the first Chinese hospital accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), and has passed 5 times of JCI accreditation.

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