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  • International Customer Service Center

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    International Customer Service Center, has professional and compassionate staff to provide a range of service to international and VIP customers. The services include: medical translation and interpreting services in seven languages, English, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Russian and French; professional customer service; insurance service such as medical insurance claims, and direct insurance billing; business services such as fax, photocopying, typing, printing, mailing, and express delivery;  transportation information, food menu, maps, assistance with travel tickets, hotel reservations, currencies, etc. Our goal is to provide a positive and comfortable experience in a hospital setting.
    The goal of International Customer Service Center:
    To deliver high-quality, efficient, patient services with full access to language assistance for international VIP customers.
    The International Customer Service Center provides free airport shuttle for cancer patients and their families. Please contact International Customer Service Center by email customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn with details on flight, arrival time and number of escort and any mobility aid required such as wheelchair. We will arrange for your airport pick up. Similar services will be provided at discharge without cost. 
    If patients and families wish to visit other areas of Guangzhou, shuttle bus routes are available on request.
    Visa service
    International Customer Service Center assists customers with visa extension application.

    International Customer Service Center
  • Insurance Claim Service

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    The VIP center of Clifford Hospital is accepted by many domestic and international insurance companies. Its operation and management structure is similar to overseas private hospitals. The Center’s medical insurance service department provides assistance to patients from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and Western countries with insurance claim inquiry and liaise with medical insurance companies on their behalf. Customers with GBG, Mondial Assistance, Midlink, Wellbe, EJB, OTAI, SOS and AEA will enjoy cash free service.

    For patients who submit their insurance claims in their own countries, a complete package of medical documentation which complies with their insurer’s requirements will be issued. We will further assist to resolve any other problems with their claim.

    Flexible Payment Method, Convenient and Quick
    The following foreign currency payment cards are accepted:
    VISA, MASTER, DINERS, AE(American Express), VISADEBIT, MASTDEBIT and JCB(Japanese JCB)

    We also provide additional services of bank remittance, bank transfer, visa consultation, and insurance claim consultation.

    For assistance, please enquire at the VIP customer service department: +8620-84718123 or +8620-84518222 ext 88203 fax: +8620-23833677

    Insurance Claim Service
  • Recreation and Leisure

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    Clifford Hospital has a large botanical garden located on the 6th floor of the Inpatient building. There are over 100 species of herbal plants and flowers. Pavilions, terraces, bridges, and trees provide a tranquil space for patients to relax, exercise and convalesce.

    Additionally, Clifford Hospital has a complimentary recreation and health facility for patients and their family members. Some of its amenities include reading room, billiard room, chess room, social room, aerobics room, hair salon, theater, spontaneous cure room. This facility provides patients a respite from their daily treatment routine.

    Clifford Hospital is adjacent to Clifford Resort Club. This club facility is equipped with a variety of health and wellness recreation such as swimming, table tennis, badminton, etc. A diversity of cuisine is available in Chinese and western restaurants. There is a 400,000 square meter lake walking distance from Clifford Hospital.

    The 9,000 acres Dafu Mountain Forest Park nearby has green forest, well-kept lawn and gardens, lakes and mountain trails. An ideal setting for Fishing, boating, climbing, biking and bird watching.
    Recreation and Leisure
  • Religion Service

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    Clifford Hospital accepts diversity in all religious beliefs. A sacred room was created to allow patients and families a quiet space for prayers and meditation.
    Religion Service
  • Accommodation

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    Serviced Apartment
    Serviced apartment is available for patient’s family members and friends. It is 50 meters away from Clifford hospital. 

    The following are types of apartments:
    1.two bedrooms, one dining room and one living room (one bathroom);
    2.three bedrooms, one dining room and one living room (one bathroom);
    3.three bedrooms, one dining room and one living room(two bathrooms);
    4.four bedrooms, one dining room and one living room(two bathrooms). 

    The rooms are basic and comfortably designed, fully equipped with household appliances. There is a public garden, private balcony and spacious kitchen in the apartment. We aim to provide a hotel-like service to allow patients to convalesce in comfort with their family escort.

    The serviced apartment is in close proximity to Dafu Mountain Forest Park,  a recreational and nature park of Panyu district. There are other popular tourist attractions such as Chimelong Safari Park, where guests can escape temporarily from their treatment.

    Featured Services
    1.The restaurant offers complimentary nutritious breakfast.
    2.There is a Chinese and western restaurant on the first floor where different types of featured cuisines are available. 
    3.Every apartment is equipped with a private balcony and a fully equipped kitchen for meal preparations.
    4.The serene lake and well maintained landscaping allows guests to enjoy casual walks.
    5.Free parking is available.

    Address: No. 10 Building, Dynamic Garden of Clifford Estates, Panyu District, Guangzhou

    Clifford Hotel
    Clifford Hotel is a four-star hotel which is five minutes away from Clifford Hospital by taxi. Daily rate starts at $80 US.
    For reservations, please contact us:
    Tel: 8620-34710088
    E-mail: hotel@clifford-resort.com.cn 

    The relaxed and comfortable environment, attentive and professional service at an affordable price of the serviced apartment has won an outstanding reputation for years with the inpatient family members and medical guests.

    Service Hotline: 020-39902292

  • Food and Beverage

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    Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, quoted “Let your food be your medicine, your medicine be your food”. Nutritious food is essential in preventing and treating chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, allergies, hypertension, renal failure and chronic fatigue syndrome. Nutritional foods can strengthen patients’ immune system and enhance detoxification.

    At Clifford Hospital, patients will enjoy an extensive menu of fresh, cooked-to-order foods that are customized to a special diet prescribed by their physicians and nutritionists.

    In addition to regular foods prepared in accordance with the patients needs, juices from a variety of fruits and vegetables are also prescribed by physicians and nutritionists.

    Our special chefs prepared dishes using traditional Chinese herbal medicine ingredients for patients. These dishes not only provide essential nutrients for patients, but help boost their immunity to relieve their symptoms. 

    Guest Meals
    Patient’s family and friends may order guest meals and dine with patients in their rooms. A guest menu is provided to all patients upon admission. 
    Ordering Meals
    Patients or their family members may also order meals from restaurants near Clifford Hospital . Free transportation is available from the hospital to the nearby food market, supermarket and restaurants next to Clifford Bus Terminal station. The commuting takes five minutes from the hospital to Clifford Bus Terminal station. 
    Option for Islamic Halal Food in the Hospital

    For the patients and their family members who have special needs for Islamic halal food, they can buy food ingredients and prepare meals in the kitchen on the 6th floor of Clifford Hospital.

    Food and Beverage
  • Shopping

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    Clifford Supermarket:
    Free transportation to and from Clifford Hospital
    Five minutes away by taxi.
    Website: http://www.cliffordsupermarket.com

    Clifford Shopping Mall Street:
    Free transportation to and from Clifford Hospital
    Five minutes away by taxi.

    Convenience Store:
    milk, groceries, newspaper, soda drink, cigarette, beer…
    5 minutes away from Clifford Hospital by taxi.

    Prime Mart:
    milk, groceries, newspaper, soda drink, cigarette, beer…
    5 minutes away from Clifford Hospital by taxi

  • VIP Center

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    The VIP Center of Clifford Hospital is a special inpatient unit.  The specialist team consists of professional experts in TCM, natural therapy, hyperthermia, chelation, medical ozone, nutrition and psychology. They hold weekly joint case consultation for hospitalized patient to discuss scientific treatment modes from different perspective and to formulate the most suitable integrative treatment plan for each patient. Every treatment plan is executed by professional and experienced doctors and nurses who are selected by Clifford Hospital to guarantee the highest quality of care.

    Outpatient department and inpatient practice units are set up with their unique medical facilities. All units have available single room, semi-private room and suite. Inpatient rooms are hotel-like accommodations equipped with advanced medical equipment, complete with amenities such as fridge, LED television, safe, Internet access, central oxygen system, private bathroom, 24 hours hot and cold water, social room and recreation room. Overall, it provides a warm and cozy hospital environment to all customers.

    VIP center provides a range of medical services including diagnosis, treatment of diseases, advance physical examination, general health care and continuing care recuperation to VIP customers. The center has a customer service program which provides service for catering, business, transportation, travel, shopping, ticket purchase, visa, laundry, translation, hotel booking, medical insurance claim and consultation. Every staff of the VIP center adopts the Hospital motto: “Treat patients with a caring heart and a respect for life”. Every customer is provided with care and  attention to help them benefit fully from our medical services.

    Scope of service:
    1.Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment
    2.Physical examination and health care
    3.Continuing Care Recuperation
    4.Health Education and consultation

    Customer service:
    Catering, business, transportation, travel, shopping, ticket, visa, translation, hotel booking, medical insurance claim and consultation.

    VIP Center
  • Billing

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    How Much Will It Cost?
    The cost could vary from patient to patient depending on his/her disease condition and treatment prospect. Overseas cancer patients usually come to our hospital for three reasons: the cost for treatment is much less than in other countries; there is an alternative treatment option which would lead to a better outcome with far little side effects, and patient can receive treatment while staying in a five-star hotel alike environment with caring and loving medical staff around them.

    Please be informed that billing information listed below is intended as a guideline based on past history and is not a guarantee of future costs. Actual costs will depend on individual patient’s case, the cost of medicine and supplies at the time of service. We will provide you with a better estimate after our specialists have evaluated you. Costs are charged in Chinese yuan (RMB).

    For patients with complicated medical conditions, please contact our customer service email: customer@clifford-hospital.org.cn to get an estimated cost that you might need to pay. Please click here to get a brief idea on the cost of individual treatment procedure.

    How to Pay Your Bill?
    1.Pay by Cash in Person 
    You may pay the bill by cash in Chinese yuan (RMB) when you are in our hospital. If you only bring foreign currency with you, our staff will assist you in converting it into Chinese Yuan.

    2.Pay by Credit Card 
    Clifford Hospital accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, and Unionpay. 

    3.Pay through Bank Transfer or Remittance
    Please note that remittance payment must be made in Chinese yuan (RMB)  
    Account name: Clifford Hospital of Guangdong Province, China. 
    Bank name: Panyu Branch, Guangzhou city,  
    Bank of China Account number: 666557746212   
    Please indicate the remittance is for the payment of hospital bill and for whom  



Clifford Hospital is the first Chinese hospital accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), and has passed 5 times of JCI accreditation.

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