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Treatment Strategy


Non-toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments is under the direction of Evidence-based medicine, which emphasizes “Systematic and Integrated Concept”, “Human-based Principle” and “Treating both Manifestation and Root Cause of Disease”.

Treating manifestation: Anti-cancer treatment, symptomatic treatment, optimization supportive treatment

Treating root cause of disease: etiological treatment, health management

Based on the systematic principle of “nature-human integration”, with the transformation of the medical model from biomedical model to bio-psycho-social medical model, tumor therapy is no longer a single treatment for diseases, but is the best mode which stresses participation of a variety of means and disciplines and is patient-oriented. It not only focuses on tumor control and prolonging survival, but also pays more attention to the patient's overall quality of life by adopting measures suitable to the patient, place, and time. It emphasizes a combination of treatment methods customized for the patient and strives to obtain comprehensiveness of diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases. Non-toxic integrative cancer treatments have become the trend and advantage in cancer treatment development.

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Treatment Strategy


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