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VIP Center


The VIP Center of Clifford Hospital is a special inpatient unit.  The specialist team consists of professional experts in TCM, natural therapy, hyperthermia, chelation, medical ozone, nutrition and psychology. They hold weekly joint case consultation for hospitalized patient to discuss scientific treatment modes from different perspective and to formulate the most suitable integrative treatment plan for each patient. Every treatment plan is executed by professional and experienced doctors and nurses who are selected by Clifford Hospital to guarantee the highest quality of care.

Outpatient department and inpatient practice units are set up with their unique medical facilities. All units have available single room, semi-private room and suite. Inpatient rooms are hotel-like accommodations equipped with advanced medical equipment, complete with amenities such as fridge, LED television, safe, Internet access, central oxygen system, private bathroom, 24 hours hot and cold water, social room and recreation room. Overall, it provides a warm and cozy hospital environment to all customers.

VIP center provides a range of medical services including diagnosis, treatment of diseases, advance physical examination, general health care and continuing care recuperation to VIP customers. The center has a customer service program which provides service for catering, business, transportation, travel, shopping, ticket purchase, visa, laundry, translation, hotel booking, medical insurance claim and consultation. Every staff of the VIP center adopts the Hospital motto: “Treat patients with a caring heart and a respect for life”. Every customer is provided with care and  attention to help them benefit fully from our medical services.

Scope of service:
1.Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment
2.Physical examination and health care
3.Continuing Care Recuperation
4.Health Education and consultation

Customer service:
Catering, business, transportation, travel, shopping, ticket, visa, translation, hotel booking, medical insurance claim and consultation.

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Clifford Hospital is the first Chinese hospital accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), and has passed 5 times of JCI accreditation.

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