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An Overview


Cancer is a chronic systemic disease. With the development of modern medicine, there are two main characters of cancer treatment. Firstly, the treatment should be non-toxic. It means patients are treated in the least harmful way. Secondly, the treatment should be integrative because tumors are caused by various factors over a long period. Therefore, cancer cannot be cured by mono-therapeutic cancer treatments.
Under the guidance of evidence-based medicine, Clifford Hospital Oncology Center pioneered the Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Natural Medicine. It is safe, effective and free of side-effects. In recent decades, integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Natural Medicine has played a significant role in treating cancer.  
The non-toxic integrative treatment is the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Natural Medicine. Factors such as different needs at different stages of cancer prevention, treatment, recovery, recurrences and metastasis, overall concept, human-based principle, treating both symptoms and root causes, are all considerations emphasized under the guidance of evidence-based medicine. 
Treating symptoms includes anti-cancer treatment, symptomatic treatment and optimal supportive treatment. Treating root causes include etiological treatment and health management. 
The non-toxic integrative treatment is a collaborative effort by specialists following the principle of “alleviate the symptoms first in treating acute diseases, and apply treatments based on pathogenesis when the symptoms are temporarily relieved or in treating chronic disease. Treat both manifestation and root cause of disease.”. We formulate the most scientific and individualized protocol for each patient. As part of the non-toxic integrative treatment, modern techniques such as hyperthermia, chelation, medical ozone therapy are often combined with traditional therapies which include Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal cuisine, psychotherapy, medical Qigong. It also combines treatment with the most advanced medical procedures in radiotherapy and chemotherapy of current international standards. Cryoablation therapy, gamma knife, progressive knife, photodynamic therapy, bio-targeted therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy and dozens of other treatment techniques are used in combination. Moreover, integrative treatment can eliminate patient’s internal toxins,  alkalinize their constitution and improve nutritional intake in order to boost immune system.
Clinical practice has proven its effectiveness in the prevention of relapse, and metastasis of tumors. For patients in advanced stages, it helps to prolong and improve quality of life. Comparing conventional surgical procedures, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the non-toxic integrative cancer treatment is free of side-effects, safe and effective.


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