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  • Hyperthermia in Oncology

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    Hyperthermia in Oncology
    Author:Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang
    In the book Hyperthermia in Oncology, the author amalgamates the essence of traditional medicine from around the world with the latest advancements in medical sciences. Based on the observations and results of clinical experience in cancer treatments in accordance with evidence-based medicine. The author has made innovative, objective and reasonable assessments of the therapeutic effects and prognosis of using hyperthermia in conjunction with surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy, and special nutritional protocols to provide detailed clinical application guidelines to treatments.
  • A Study of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments

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    A Study of Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments
    Author:Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang
    The author devotes this book to clinical practice and theory of cancer treatment, initiating integrated cancer treatment with non-toxic, mini-invasive, safe and effective goals, to transcend standard malignant tumor treatment such as operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Non-toxic integrative treatment, introduced in this book, illustrates many therapies including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chelation therapy, hyperthermia, medical ozone therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, herbal cuisine, medical qigong, psychological therapy and music therapy. It integrates the essence of natural therapy, highlights the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatments and formulates individualized protocols for cancer patients according to the guidance of evidence-based medicine. This book has substantial theoretical foundation, including summary, analysis and effect evaluation of clinical materials. It reviews comprehensive treatment methodologies and typical cases of common malignant tumor as well as new achievements, developments and experiences in various forms of cancer treatments. It is currently the first and only practical monograph of non-toxic integrative cancer treatment applied in clinical medicine. 
  • JCI Hospital Standards Practical Guidelines

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    JCI Hospital Standards Practical Guidelines
    Author:Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang
    This book was edited by the author with personal practice and experience of hospital management. It accurately introduces the latest "JCI standard" (the third version) in more detail, covering all parts of the modern general hospital management including new concept and standard of quality improvement, crisis management, information management and patient safety.

    With regard to hospital management systems, rules and practical cases under national consideration, this book introduces feasible JCI standard management experience to Chinese hospitals, especially new regulations for hospital quality management, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western medicine and natural therapy. With the intention of creating high-quality, safe and continuously improving medical service environment, allowing Chinese hospitals to embrace international hospital management standards.

  • Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments–a New Approach for Cancer Prevention and Treatments

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    Non-Toxic Integrative Cancer Treatments–a New Approach for Cancer Prevention and Treatments
    Author:Dr. Clifford L. K. Pang
    This book introduces concepts of prevention and different therapies for cancer patients, included are detailed accounts of symptom, diagnosis, treatment, convalescing, follow-up for 15 typical cases of commonly occurring cancers. How to provide family support for advanced cancer patients, overcome cancer with patients, and prevention of relapses and metastasis by follow-up treatment are also introduced in this book.

    The appendix also provides a simple summary of cancer encyclopedia and a list of institutions and organizations for the reader’s convenience.

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